About E-Stim Emporium

Our background story isn't a long one, but our journey has been filled with kink, the occasional shock and of course, lots of good times. After discovering e-stim in 2015, we have made it our mission to learn everything we can about it and a love of tech lead us to design a range of 3D-printed electrodes like none other. Our creations focus on kink and solving some of the common problems encountered by stimmers worldwide. As well as creating some pretty amazing electrodes, we stock a range of some of the best equipment curated from the biggest names in e-stim.
Whether you are looking for a new control box or an electrode that is going to take you over the edge, check out our wares and take your stimming to the next level.

Joanne, also known as "the long haired General" around here is in charge. She is responsible for this range of bright, effective and unique electrodes designed to take your stimming to new levels of enjoyment.

We take raw materials and craft unique and effective e-stim electrodes for all genders. We are proud of both our designs and your service. We are quickly gaining a reputation as the place to shop for e-stim related products. We ship globally and love the fact that our electrodes are in use around the globe.

What We Do?

Image showing one of our printers at #BBB. We 3D print a fantastic range of e-stim electrodes
Image showing some of our creations
Image showing our stall at #BBB, a festish market in Birmingham, UK.

We love receiving feedback about our products, we are just a three-person team, entirely dedicated to our customers and providing the very best service we can possibly do. Based in the Midlands, we ship our products globally. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to us all.

Our Team Members

Joanne - Awesome Electrode Designer

Aka - Long Haired General

Ian - Web Designer And Engineer

Operations Manager

Rachel - Makes An Awesome Brew.

Print Farm Manager

Emma - Morale Enforcement Officer.

CEO of Tummy Rubs