New Products

I am proud to be announcing two new products this week. As a self-taught user of Fusion360, it takes me way longer to design products than someone would take if formally trained. But eventually, I do get there.

These two designs have been tweaked over a couple of months, and each product aims to remove a problem some people face when playing.

E-Stim 6mm & 4mm Conductive Rubber Locks

I struggle to source regular 6mm cord locks; when I restock, I buy in cord locks that are marketed as being 7mm when, in fact, they are a tight fit with a piece of 6mm conductive rubber. While it doesn't affect their performance, I could do better, so I designed the world's first set of dedicated e-stim cord locks.

I decided that my design needed to satisfy several criteria, and these are:

  • Have holes that allow CR to be easily fitted.
  • Have a strong spring to enable them to lock the CR in place once adjusted effectively.
  • Be easy to use.
  • Be made from body-safe materials.
  • To work with different sizes of CR.

I have ticked all those criteria off my list with my design, and here it is.

Image showing Joanne's 6mm & 4mm conductive rubber cord lock

I have these made commercially in the UK on industrial SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines, which gives me incredible control over the quality and design.

They are made from high-quality PA2200 Nylon. This bio-compatible, robust and lightweight material is perfect for this product.

It takes both 6mm and 4mm conductive rubber, and while you can always fit 4mm in a regular 6mm cord lock, the spring will have expanded an extra 2mm before clamping the rubber. This weakens the grip on 4mm CR. My design assures that the lock grips 4mm CR as tightly as 6mm CR.

I made them in Yellow and Black because that is my favourite colour for our e-stim kit, as you may already have worked out.

I am selling them in packs of two cord locks so you can use two loops simultaneously using these high-quality custom cord locks.

While more expensive than regular 6mm locks, the added features and quality mean they will last a long time and look great. My initial production run was for 50 sets, so grab a set before they are gone, as there will be quite a lead time for the next batch.

Insulated Cock Loops With Integrated Locks

Taking my design for my new range of cord locks, I wondered if I could integrate them with some of my electrode designs to tidy up e-stim electrode configurations.

I took my basic 6mm insulated loop and designed an inbuilt locking mechanism into the top of it to grip the conductive rubber tightly.

Then, rather than trying to source small and reliable stainless steel springs, which would raise their cost, I opted to use small lengths of 4mm conductive rubber that act as a spring.

Image showing Joanne's insulated cock loop with integrated conductive rubber lock

This provides a robust clamping mechanism that locks the conductive rubber after adjustment.

I also opted to get this made from PA2200 Nylon due to its excellent properties.

I have them in Yellow and Black, each using the opposite colour for the clamping button on the side to give them a sleek and crisp look.

Designed for placing around your cock and balls to insulate the dorsal nerve and allow you to stimulate the perineal nerves as well.

They come with 25cm/10" of high-quality British conductive rubber already fitted to them.