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The ElectroPebble from E-Stim Systems created quite a stir when it was launched to replace their Series 1 control box. It built on the success of that unit, adding lots of new features, the biggest being the lifeline and its two output channels and in-built routines.

Powering up the control box reveals the "lifeline", a novel combination of battery level meter and output indicator that works really well.

E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble, this is what happens when they take all of their e-stim experience, having listened to their customers, and they muse on it for a while. What they came up with is a great new product which is an electro-pleasure box for everyone.

It's packed with features and fun, the ElectroPebble® will give hours of pleasure for singles or couples alike, and if that was not enough it is covered by the E-Stim Systems' unique Lifetime Guarantee.

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The ElectroPebble(R) is the latest in the range of power boxes from E-Stim Systems. Packed with features and innovation, the ElectroPebble(R) is an ideal unit for those new to electroplay or for those who fancy something more than just a basic unit.

Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand, the ElectroPebble(R) can pack a real punch with Dual channels, Soft Touch Stepless Level Controls, 9 Adjustable Programs:- Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment, Built-in Microphone and their brand new LifeLine(TM) display.

Dual Channel unit, two electrodes can be used at the same time so you can spread the sensations across multiple points on the body, remembering to place safe of course. Each channel has its own Stepless Level Control allowing you to set exactly the level of pleasure you require, and if you have turned up too far, a quick twist drops the level safely back down rather than having to repeatedly press buttons.

The unique design of the ElectroPebble means the outputs share a common ground connection, it might sound confusing, but think of it as having built-in Triphase. This means that you can independently control the level of channel A and Channel B, but depending on what electrode configuration you are using, you can achieve a third sensation caused by the interaction between channels. This means you can move the sensation around between sets of pads, contact points or even electrodes just by manipulating the two-level controls, giving a totally unique and varied sensation, unlike any other E-Stim power box available today.

Each of the 9 Program Modesis adjustable, which gives an even great range of sensations and possibilities, and with simple Mode selection controls, changing between modes couldn't be simpler.

If you fancy something different from the set modes then just set the ElectroPebble into Audio Mode. With a Built-in Microphone, the ElectroPebble allows you to make your own sensations by either playing music or making your own noises. The sound signal drives the output signal, and using a totally new method the ElectroPebble can produce some great sensations that you control.

New to the E-Stim Systems range, the ElectroPebble features another innovation the LifeLine(TM). A series of bright LED's make up the LifeLine which pulses in a variety of patterns all matched to the current mode, as well as the mode adjustment so you can get a good idea of what the ElectroPebble is 'thinking'.

The ElectroPebble is supplied in a custom-made carry case, together with two 2mm connection cables, a battery, a pack of 4 self-adhesive electrode pads, a Quick Guide and of course a comprehensive instruction manual - everything you need to get started.

The ElectroPebble is designed and built in the UK to the latest UK and EU safety regulations, with inbuilt safety features such as current limiting and CE marked as well as being covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Dimensions:- 116mm x 77mm x 38mm, 178g

  • 1 ElectroPebble.
  • 2 x 3.5mm to 2mm output cables.
  • 4 x Self-adhesive Electrode pads.
  • 1 x PP3 9v Battery.
  • 1 x Quick Guide.
  • 1 x User Manua.
  • Custom Protective Carry Case.
More Information
Number Of Channels Two - Non Isolated
Socket Size 3.5mm
Power Source 9V Battery
Manufacturer E-Stim Systems
Warranty Lifetime - E-Stim Systems (Orignial Purchaser Only)