Single Layer Storage Bag 24.5x10x18cm Black

£15.95 £13.29
h 8x3

These handy storage bags are ideal for keeping your control box, cables, adaptors and electrodes safe and sound.

We had the option of getting them branded but decided to go with non-descript imagery on the outside to ensure privacy and discretion. When your equipment is stowed away, this storage case keeps them safe and out of sight too.

The single-layer design allows you to store your equipment logically. With ample pockets and elastic straps, you can fit many cables, adaptors and electrodes inside in various combinations.

It features three padded dividers that can be configured in multiple ways using a simple velcro system so you can tailor it to your requirements.

Sturdy double zips allow easy access and securely hold the bag closed.

E-Stim equipment is expensive, so why wouldn't you want to keep it safely out of sight between play sessions?

Note: Equipment not included; shown only for scale and to indicate how you can use these storage bags.