New Machine And New Filament

Onwards and ever upwards

Well, thank you to everyone who has trusted us with their e-stim kit orders, your support is very much appreciated, and it has allowed us to invest in some more equipment.

Our printer farm now totals eighteen printers, and our latest one, a Bambu X1-Carbon, gives us a considerable capability improvement in speed and the ability to print with multiple colours or materials simultaneously.

This machine will be used for the rapid prototyping of new electrode designs and custom order work. We are excited as it is producing some great prints at high speeds. It was a considerable financial investment, but with the ability to print a fantastic Benchy in 16 minutes, you can see why it is such a beast.

We are working on several new designs for the labia-owning stimmers out there. We are the only company actively developing this sort of electrode to our knowledge. Seeing more options for the growing number of stimmers entering the scene will be nice. We aim to cater for all genders, and it will be nice to see how these new ones are received.

Stock Levels

We have been working hard at work manufacturing more stock, which is evident in our shop now. More printers mean we can keep up with demand more readily, but some of the long lead time products, such as the Ball Crusher Electrode, are still often out of stock as they sell as soon as they hit the shelves.

We may set up a pre-ordering process for them from anyone looking to grab one for some serious stimming play.

In general, if there is something that you are looking for that is not in stock, get in touch, and we can change our production priorities to make one especially for you.

New Materials

We have been experimenting with Di-Chromatic filaments. That is a big word to say filament with multiple colours, so you get some incredible colour effects on our electrodes.

This is fantastic stuff. The cross-section of the filament looks just like a pie chart, with three equal areas of three different colours. When printed, the colours blend in different ways depending on the direction of travel of the print head. This leads to some incredible colour-shifting effects, as shown in this video.