Shop Update

It's update time. We have been incredibly busy here are Joanne's E-Stim Emporium. Since we created this new shop, we have been beavering away, adding stock to it and ensuring we offer competitive shipping.

In the background, we have also been installing an award-winning warehouse and shipping management system, which has sometimes had me pulling my hair out.

Taking on two massive projects like this at the same time, in hindsight, was a silly decision, but we are well on the way to having both completed.

We already see the benefit of the new management system regarding order processing and accuracy, which is essential to us here. We aim to provide the very best of e-stim equipment and service too.

Here are some of our ongoing projects - call them Joanne's teasers.

Joanne's Winky Lights

I am designing a visual e-stim output indication system, which I have been discussing with members of my Discord server.

It features a tiny PCB with surface-mounted components that allows two LEDs to indicate current flowing, and my eventual plan is to embed it into electrodes and connection leads. Why do that, you may ask?

I wanted to produce something that would allow the webcam exhibitionists to show what current was coursing through their electrodes. It will be a handy tool for fault-diagnosing cables too.

Joanne's Gas Mask Bubbler

Spurning on by the fantastic work of ToyDolly and BoundInLatex, I am designing a gas mask bubbler bottle which should look amazing while adding some kinky fun to your breath play sessions.

The project is probably about 50% completed now, and I still have a few challenges to overcome, but things are starting to come together on it — more info to follow.

Image showing a rendering of the gas mask bubbler