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Jet Set Willy Electrode 40mm
Glans Electrode Sizing Set
Jet Set Willy Electrode 49mm
Jet Set Willy Electrode 53mm
Jet Set Willy Electrode 45mm


Frequently asked questions about this collection of stainless steel 3D printed e-stim electrodes.

How are these electrodes made?

Our electrodes are crafted from 316L Stainless Steel using advanced 3D printing technology. Each layer of metal powder is carefully sintered by a laser to form the model's shape. This meticulous process continues layer by layer until the electrode is complete.

Do you make these electrodes in house?

Sadly, we must outsource production. The machinery involved is too costly for us to handle internally. By partnering with experts in the field, we are able to maintain competitive pricing.

How do you clean these electrodes?

Simply wash them in warm soapy water after a play session to clean them, make sure that you thoroughly dry them before putting them back in their storage box until your next play session. If you desire you can rub them down with an alcohol pad before use. Properly cleaning and storing your toys not only keeps them looking great, but also helps ensure a safe and hygienic play experience every time.